In France food is pleasure, it is a feast, and we intend to celebrate it – with wide ranges of tastings and samplings at every event.

We don’t just run ordinary classes and workshops – we throw events, parties and you will very much feel being the special guest.


  • Our hosts are food buffs, all born and raised in Paris.
  • We host you in our own homes – cozy, fully-equipped, and centrally located.
  • We serve you what we eat, procured from the local markets we shop at for ourselves.
  • And we share with you the food culture we’ve known since childhood.


  • Cooking is our life. We’ve been at it a long, long time.
  • We buy carefully selected, non-industrial, foods and produce.
  • We give you insights that will serve you for the rest of your life.

We Care

  • We keep the groups small and intimate.
  • We worry about your money. We keep prices tight, and we strive to give you your money’s worth every second.
  • We plan to go beyond your expectations. Give you a fun cooking experience you will recount many times when you return home.

If you wish to give us a call, our phone number is – +33 0970 447 765

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