Join our French food tasting or our Fun cooking class and have the pleasure
of meeting your four great hosts – Solenne, Marion, Philippe and Célia.




The gardens of Versailles were Solenne’s playground as a kid. Today, the palace of the Sun King has ingrained in her the love of food.

She eats, breathes, and talks food at every opportunity, and her food blog has won an avid cult following.

She does most of her food shopping at the Lévis market, and at the organic market of Batignolles.



Marion cultivates the ultimate French hobby – eating well. She can make a fabulous meal out of nothing, she runs the best restaurant chefs and the alternative food events.

She shares her insights and gathers other foodies on a celebrated blog.

Marion is currently the youngest member of the Escoffier brotherhood – the man who invented modern cooking.




Philippe got his cooking secrets and traditional French recipes from his grandmother, a genuine “cordon bleu” chef. As a student, he worked in several famous French and Italian restaurants in Los Angeles to share his passion for food over the ocean but quickly came back. Now to enjoy his talent and his love of passing his knowledge of French cooking, he’ll invite you to his place for a fun cooking class.

The art of fine dining, the choice of selecting ingredients and the mastery of French cooking will be shared with you. He will also share his secret recipes of traditional French dishes with his own personal twist.



Half French, half Spanish and having traveled extensively throughout Europe, North America and South Asia, Celia has had the chance to meet numerous people as passionate as her about food and gastronomy.

After all her traveling and international experiences as a chef, she decided to focus exclusively on French cuisine, as she believes it to be the most challenging, sophisticated and exquisite cuisine in the world. She is now celebrated for giving a touch of exoticism to the traditional French recipes.

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