NEW: Paris Cooking Class: Make Your Own Croissants

What's in the tour?

You bake your own croissant. Then you eat it too.

This is a hands-on class. With the assistance of a croissant master, you make your own croissants – and then you eat them.

You learn the secrets to a good croissant. Why are some croissants better than other? How can you tell a good croissant even before you eat it? It’s all learning by doing –100% hands-on!

This is a fun class. It is open to everyone regardless of their cooking experience. You have to enjoy eating a good croissant, and you have to be aged 12 and up, and… that’s all! The class takes place in a lovely, small kitchen lab outside Panthéon. There are no more than 7 people in your class. The class runs 3 hours.

You can make chocolate croissants too – except that they cannot ever be called “chocolate croissants”, and you will learn why!

These will be the best croissants you have ever had.

And you will be served fresh fruit juice and organic coffee/tea to go with your croissants.

When it’s time to go home, you can take a box of your own croissants with you.

After your class, you will also receive the recipe via email, so you can make croissants to your friends at home. You will be a certified croissant maker!

This class is open to children aged 12 and up. They must be accompanied by an adult.

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Opening Hours

Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays

3 hours


Why take this tour?

  • Because French croissants taste great. And even better when they’re your own.
  • Because of all the fun. This class is open to everyone. It is not a high-brow lecture, it’s a fun, hands-on, activity.
  • Because you cannot visit France and not know all there is to know about croissants!
  • And because your friends will envy you at first. Then they will love you for knowing how to make the best croissants ever!

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